May 2019 : Following the exclusive customization range for the Aston Martin DB11 last year, STARTECH now turns its attention to the new Vantage.

With the STARTECH SP 600 performance upgrade “powered by BRABUS," the German refinement specialist draws on the tremendous expertise of its parent company. Because the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 of the Aston Martin Vantage is supplied by Mercedes-Benz, the BRABUS product range held a tried and tested performance upgrade. As a result of the STARTECH engine tuning to 441 kW / 600 hp and the increase in torque to 775 Nm, the coupe accelerates from rest to 100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds. The top speed increases to 320 km/h.

The looks of the two-seater are also given a sporty upgrade with tailor-made bodywork components and STARTECH Monostar M 21-inch wheels with center-lock look.

Another STARTECH specialty is the customization of the interior. The company upholstery shop creates interior appointments tailored to the particular owner´s requests with utmost precision.

The Aston Martin Vantage engine comes from Mercedes-Benz and as a BRABUS GROUP Company, STARTECH is able to draw on a broad range of engines for the models of the Swabian brand.

The four-liter twin-turbo engine of the Vantage normally powers the current Mercedes C 63 AMG models. This meant that the performance kit for the current Vantage could be derived from the BRABUS performance levels for these vehicles. Like all other STARTECH components, this performance upgrade also comes with a comprehensive warranty (see STARTECH Warranty Terms and Conditions, updated May 2018).

This in-house technology transfer resulted in the STARTECH PowerXtra SP 600 performance kit “powered by BRABUS" for the smallest Aston Martin: The calibration to the specifications of the Vantage was done using state-of-the-art test bench technology and extensive test drives on racetracks and public roads. The outcome is impressive. The rated output was bumped by 66 kW / 90 hp, while peak torque increased by 90 Nm to 775 Nm at a low 3,100 rpm at the same time

To this end, STARTECH integrates a plug-and-play auxiliary control module into the engine electronics, which governs injection and ignition with new mapping and moderately increases the boost pressure as well. Peak output jumps from stock 375 kW / 510 hp to 441 kW / 600 hp at a low 6,000 rpm. At the same time, peak torque increases from 685 auf 775 Nm, on tap constantly between 2,000 and 5,000 rpm. The driving performance of the refined British sports car is accordingly outstanding: The eight-speed automatic transmission harmonizes excellently with the STARTECH performance upgrade and as a result only 3.4 seconds pass before the car reaches a speed of 100 km/h from rest. The top speed increases to 320 km/h.

To give the Vantage an even sportier appearance, the STARTECH designers revised some of the details on the bodywork. They developed two inserts for the large intake in the front fascia, which gives the front of the two-seater an even more aggressive expression and redirects the airflow even more precisely and effectively to the front brakes. These components are available as PUR variants or made of naked carbon with glossy or matte coating. That same hi-tech composite material also is used for the STARTECH air vents behind the front wheel arches and for the side mirror caps.

The STARTECH designers also revised the rear end in a way that visually and technically looks to motorsport for orientation: The rear fascia was fitted with a new diffuser, likewise available as a PUR-R-Rim or naked-carbon variant. The show car in Geneva sports the naked-carbon version. Its four vertical fins make the refined Vantage seem to come from GT racing. The central LED backup light in Formula 1 design has the same effect. In addition, the two STARTECH exhaust tips, which are combined with the production exhaust of the sports car, gives the Aston Martin an even more thrilling rear appearance.

STARTECH Monostar M 21-inch alloys tailor-made for the current Vantage further characterize the exclusive looks. They come in different variants. The design featuring five pairs of spokes is combined with a hub cover that gives the wheel a center-lock look as in motor racing. The stylized center nut is available in black, silver, red or blue anodized.

April 2019 : The Bentley Continental GT is very popular around the world. STARTECH fulfills the most individual requests of the owners of this British 2+2-seater.

STARTECH gives the 2+2-seater an even more dynamic look with aerodynamic-enhancement components made of naked carbon. Hi-tech forged wheels with a diameter of 22 inches and a ride-height lowering complete the thrilling appearance.

Continental GT owners looking for an interior tailored to their preferences in every aspect can commission the STARTECH upholsterers to create interior appointments made from the finest leather and Alcantara with the greatest love of detail.

The STARTECH designers invested their tremendous expertise in the development of bodywork components for the new Bentley Continental GT models, which offer an optimal blend of sporty-elegant design and aerodynamic efficiency. In addition, the STARTECH components are characterized by outstandingly precise fit and flawless surfaces. Of course, the STARTECH aerodynamic-enhancement components meet the strict requirements of the EU Directive on pedestrian protection.

To give the front of the GT an even more distinctive appearance, STARTECH developed a new front fascia, which like the production bumper is manufactured from PUR-R-RIM in OEM quality. The STARTECH front fascia gives the English Gran Turismo an even more distinctive appearance. Its sophisticated shape optimizes the flow of cooling air to the intercooler and the front brakes. It also has positive effects on the aerodynamics: front-axle lift at high speeds is reduced, which further optimizes the handling stability. To give the GT a big helping of racing looks, the wing profile running across the fascia is shaped like on a Formula 1 race car and is optionally available in a naked-carbon version.

The hi-tech material carbon also characterizes the sides and rear of a STARTECH-refined Bentley Continental GT of the current model series. Mirror caps made of that same material also are part of the STARTECH product range as is the upgrade for the rear bumper. The STARTECH carbon diffuser sporting five fins and a centrally positioned integrated LED light module, which serves equally as a rear fog lamp and as a backup light, gives the two-door an athletic update. The STARTECH aerodynamic-enhancement concept is completed by a naked-carbon spoiler lip for the trunk lid.

Thrilling looks and even more agile handling are the characteristic traits of the STARTECH Monostar M alloys for all Bentley Continental GT models. The wheels with five double-spokes and a hub cover, which is available in four colors and reminiscent of a center-lock nut, are produced using hi-tech forging technology. As a result, they offer an outstanding combination of lightweight design and maximum quality.

Now STARTECH presents a variant of these wheels on which the surfaces of the rims were ground and then sealed with a smoke-colored clear coat to provide contrast to the black paintwork. Wheels of size 10Jx22 with 275/35 ZR 22 Pirelli P Zero high-performance tires make full use of the available space in the front fender wells. On the rear axle, 315/30 ZR 22 tires on rims 11.5 inches wide provide outstanding traction and high cornering forces.

The installation of the innovative STARTECH suspension lowering system, which lowers the ride height of the 2+2-seater by about 25 millimeters without compromising the ride quality, results in further sharpened driving dynamics.

Of course, STARTECH also offers countless options for exclusively refining the Continental GT interior. The company upholstery shop creates STARTECH REFINEMENT interior appointments tailored with utmost precision to the particular owner‘s requests. The range of colors is endless – leather and Alcantara are dyed any desired hue as required. There are just as many choices when it comes to upholstery designs, quilting patterns, perforations and the range of noble woods available in a wide variety of colors and grains. It goes without saying that STARTECH also offers tailor-made carbon cockpit inlays for sporty-minded owners of a Bentley Continental.

To demonstrate the sporty character of the STARTECH refinement range also in the cockpit, the production noble-wood trim is replaced with carbon elements with large ‘chequered flag‘ structure and high-gloss surface sealant.

Augustus 2016 : STARTECH refines the Bentley Bentayga

The new Bentley Bentayga sets new standards in the luxury SUV market and is thus the perfect basis for individual customization that fulfills customer requests to a tee. The first refined variant of the British all-wheel-drive car in the world comes from STARTECH.

The customization program for the Bentayga starts with a sporty-elegant aerodynamic-enhancement program culminating in the STARTECH WIDEBODY version. The product range also includes king-sized hi-tech forged wheels with a diameter of 23 inches, a ride-height lowering and a sport exhaust with integrated sound management. Engine tuning for the twin-turbo V12 is in the works.

Another focus is on exclusive interior design, which the STARTECH upholstery shop realizes in a practically unlimited variety of colors and materials.

For the Bentley Bentayga, the STARTECH designers developed a modular styling program primarily for on-road use. All bodywork components are manufactured in OEM quality from high-grade Pur-R-Rim.

The newly designed front and rear bumpers were designed to replace the production bumpers in their entirety. In keeping with the sporty character, the STARTECH front features an integrated spoiler that replaces the stylized underride guard of the production component. The large and strikingly styled air intakes of the STARTECH bumper, which like the radiator grille are protected by honeycombed grating, optimize the supply of fresh air for engine, radiators, front brakes and wheel-well ventilation, which especially on the Bentley SUV with a top speed in excess of 300 km/h is an essential component of the aerodynamics concept.

The strikingly shaped air deflectors for the side air intakes and the front wing that runs across the entire bumper add even more profile to the front of the Bentayga. Thanks to their sophisticated shape, both aerodynamic-enhancement components play a role in further reducing lift at high speeds and consequently further optimize handling stability. Both these STARTECH bodywork components are optionally available in an especially sporty naked carbon version.

The new STARTECH rear bumper impresses with its integrated diffuser, which is designed to be also useable with the optionally available trailer hitch. Another intriguing detail is the LED taillight module centrally integrated into the diffuser. It serves as a rear fog light and a backup light, and was modelled after the warning lamp used in Formula 1 racing. The diffuser is likewise available made from naked carbon, which further boosts the athletic STARTECH look.

All versions of the STARTECH rear component perfectly integrate the four hallmark aluminum tailpipes of the STARTECH sport exhaust system into the rear appearance. A subtle yet effective add-on part is the STARTECH rear spoiler lip, which runs across the entire rear above the taillights and comes in a carbon version as well.

The STARTECH body styling for the Bentley Bentayga has a modular design. As a result, the new front and rear bumpers can be upgraded to the even more thrilling widebody version with the sweeping STARTECH WIDEBODY fender flares. The attachments on the front and rear axle feature clever detail solutions such as the stylized air outlets on the rear wheel arches, and give the five-door car an even more athletic appearance.

The thrilling STARTECH widebody version also includes side panels for the doors. They give the SUV a lower visual stance and form an aerodynamically optimized transition between the front and rear wheel wells. Carbon inserts running over both doors on each side of the vehicle are also available for the WIDEBODY rocker panels. They emphasize the sporty STARTECH looks, as do the naked carbon versions of the covers that highlight the air outlets in the front fenders even more.

Of course, STARTECH also offers a host of options to tailor the looks of the luxury liner to individual customer requests. It starts with painting all chrome parts in vehicle or contrasting color and ends with perfectly executed special paint finishes in any desired color.

It goes without saying: a vehicle exclusive refined by STARTECH also deserves extraordinary wheels. The suspension engineers have developed tailor-made king-sized 23-inch wheels specifically for the Bentley Bentayga. The STARTECH Monostar S wheels of size 10.5Jx23 are mounted with SportContact 6 high-performance street tires of size 295/35 ZR 23. These tires were custom-developed by technology partner Continental for high-performance SUVs like the Bentayga capable of reaching speeds in excess of 300 km/h.

However, the STARTECH wheels are out of the ordinary not on account of their sheer size alone: The Monostar S wheels with dimensionally off-set cross-spokes extending all the way to the outer rim flange are manufactured using hi-tech forging technology. This extremely costly manufacturing process permits extremely light yet tremendously robust designs. Compared with a conventional cast wheel of identical size, it saves up to 15 percent in weight. It is nonetheless extremely strong, which especially on a heavy SUV like the Bentayga that is capable of traveling off paved roads is indispensable.

To match the on-road looks of the exclusive bodywork conversion, STARTECH offers a ride-height lowering for the production air suspension. It lowers the Bentayga by up to 25 millimeters beyond the lowest ex- factory suspension setting. The lower center of gravity makes fast cornering handling even safer and more agile. The four standard ride heights the SUV offers ex-factory are fully retained.

A powerful STARTECH performance upgrade with daily practicality for the 6.0-liter twin-turbo 12-cylinder engine is in the works.

Already available now is an all-stainless STARTECH quad sport exhaust system. It lends the Bentayga an even more thrilling rear appearance. What is more: the integrated electronic sound management lets the driver choose between a subtle “Coming Home" mode and the ‘Sport‘ position from inside the cockpit. In this mode, the full muscle of the turbocharged V-12 also comes to the fore acoustically. In whisper mode, the refined SUV runs as quietly as you can expect from a car of this brand.

Even a luxury car like the most off-road-capable Bentley ever can be made more exclusive in the interior. The lineup of customization options ranges from scuff plates with backlit STARTECH logo and high- quality velour floor mats to aluminum pedals and footrest.

The STARTECH refinements for the interior are distinguished by masterful craftsmanship, exclusive design and top quality. The company upholstery shop creates interiors that captivate not only with the greatest variety of colors, but also with a virtually unlimited selection of materials such as leather, Alcantara, precious woods and carbon.

STARTECH backs all conversions and components with a comprehensive three-year, 100,000-kilometer warranty (see STARTECH Warranty Terms and Conditions, updated June 2013).

Mei 2016 : STARTECH soundmodules voor de actuele Range Rover en Range Rover Sport diesel modellen

STARTECH soundmodule voor alle actuele Range Rover en Range Rover Sport diesel modellen.

Met de nieuwe STARTECH soundmodule kan het uitlaatgeluid van de actuele Range Rover modellen veranderd worden in een sportieve "V8" sound !

Een STARTECH soundmodule set bestaat uit de volgende onderdelen :
  • een soundmodule die aan de achterzijde gemonteerd wordt onder de auto
  • een pasklare montagebeugel waarmee de soundmodule eenvoudig en snel onder het betreffende model gemonteerd kan worden
  • een plug & play kabelboom
  • 2 of 3 elektronische besturingsmodules
Door middel van de originele schakelflippers aan het stuurwiel kan de soundmodule in- of uitgeschakeld worden.

Onderstaand een demonstratievideo van dit systeem.

September 2015 : STARTECH refines the Bentley Continental : carbon aerodynamic-enhancement components, 22-inch forged wheels and especially exclusive interior options

The Bentley Continental in both body styles has cemented a position as one of the world‘s most popular luxury coupes or convertibles. With an extensive refinement program STARTECH , a BRABUS Group company, also fulfills the most individual requests of the owners of the British 2+2-seater. The STARTECH selection includes sporty-elegant aerodynamic- enhancement components made from carbon, high-tech 22-inch forged wheels and a sports exhaust system with electronically controlled sound management. Another focal point of the STARTECH customization options for the various Bentley Continental models with fixed or open roof lies in the exclusive refinement of the interior.

The STARTECH designers used their tremendous knowledge to develop carbon bodywork components for the current Bentley Continental models. They once more succeeded in creating an optimal blend of sporty- elegant design and aerodynamic efficiency. The STARTECH components are manufactured from lightweight yet high-strength carbon and impress with an outstanding precise fit and flawless surfaces. They are available with a choice of glossy or matte finish but can also be painted in vehicle or contrasting color.

The STARTECH front spoiler attaches to the production bumper. In concert with the two carbon panels that lend the side air intakes a more powerful profile, they give the Continental a sportier appearance from the front. What is more: the component reduces lift on the front axle at high speeds, which further optimizes handling stability.

The STARTECH bodywork conversion also adds striking highlights at the rear. The new carbon diffuser represents a sporty upgrade for the production bumper. An important detail in this regard is the LED module integrated into the center of the diffuser. It serves as a rear fog lamp and a backup light at the same time. The look of this innovation is reminiscent of the tail lamp used in Formula 1 racing, which indicates when the racecar is in energy recovery mode or in the rain ensures that the driver following behind in the rooster tail is warned. The additional STARTECH rear component also provides the perfect backdrop for the four aluminum exhaust pipes sporting the hallmark STARTECH design.

These billet tailpipes are tailored perfectly to the shape of the rear bumper and can be combined with the production exhaust or the STARTECH sports exhaust. The latter is available in two versions for the V8 or W12 engines. However, thrilling looks are not the only strength of the stainless-steel sports exhaust. The integrated system of butterfly valves is controlled from the cockpit and lets the driver choose between a subtle “coming home" mode and the “sport" position. In the latter case, the power of the eight- or twelve-cylinder engines also develops its full acoustic effect.

Powerful and above all durable STARTECH performance upgrades suitable for everyday use will in future be available for the two engines of the 2+2-seater.

Striking looks and even more agile handling are the hallmark traits of the STARTECH Monostar G wheels for all Bentley Continental models. The wheels with five double spokes are manufactured using high-tech forging technology and consequently offer an outstanding combination of lightweight construction and maximum strength. The one-piece 10Jx22 wheels front and back make full use of the available space under the wheel arches. Tires of size 295/30 ZR 22 for the front and rear axle were chosen as ideal. While the STARTECH Monostar G wheels come as standard in a combination of titanium-colored paintwork and polished surfaces, the wheels for the IAA 2015 show car were painted black to match the black paint of the vehicle exterior. STARTECH chose a combination of black base coat and a special coating that gives the normally polished components of the wheel a black chrome appearance. This and other variants of the wheel are also optionally available.

Masterful manual work, exclusive design and maximum quality characterize the STARTECH refinements for the interior. The company upholstery shop creates interiors whose fascination lies not only in maximum color variety, but also in the sheer endless choices of high-quality materials such as leather, Alcantara, precious woods and carbon.

The Bentley Continental at the IAA 2015 presents a textbook example of a luxurious STARTECH all-leather interior: the entire interior was upholstered in a combination of light gray and dark gray leather to create a contrast to the outer skin. Delicate radiant green highlights on the leather upholstery and other colorful details lend the interior an especially individual ambiance. The interior carbon components with checkered-flag pattern and mirror-polished surfaces are also custom-made by STARTECH.

STARTECH backs all components and conversions with a warranty of three years, up to 100,000 kilometers (see STARTECH Warranty Terms and Conditions, updated June 2013).

September 2015 : new for the Bentley Flying Spur : the exclusive STARTECH customization program with sporty-elegant aerodynamic-enhancement components, 22-inch forged wheels and tasteful customization of the interior

The Bentley Flying Spur is one of the most exclusive luxury sedans in the world and consequently the perfect platform for an extensive STARTECH customization program, which celebrates its world premiere at the IAA 2015 in Frankfurt am Main.
STARTECH , a BRABUS Group company, refines the English luxury liner with sporty-elegant aerodynamic-enhancement components, high-tech forged wheels and a redesigned interior. STARTECH vouches for the outstanding quality of all components and conversions with the STARTECH Warranty of three years, up to 100,000 kilometers (see STARTECH Warranty Terms and Conditions, updated June 2013).

Thanks to its perfect blend of low weight and high strength, carbon is the material of choice in Formula 1 racing and elsewhere. The STARTECH designers also chose this high-tech material for the production of their new bodywork components for the Bentley Flying Spur. All components come with a naked high-gloss or matte finish. Of course, the parts offering a particularly precise fit can also be painted in vehicle or contrasting color.

The STARTECH front spoiler attaches to the underside of the production bumper and lends the four-door car a sporty facelift. What is more: Its sophisticated shape reduces aerodynamic lift on the front axle. The integrated fiber-optic daytime running lights help other road users to spot the Bentley even sooner. Matching the appearance of the spoiler lip with the swept-up flaps, the designers modelled two additional panels that highlight the wide air intake in the front bumper.

To give the Flying Spur also a more dynamic rear appearance, STARTECH integrated a new diffuser into the rear bumper. As a very special striking feature, the center of this aerodynamic-enhancement component is fitted with an innovative LED module that combines backup lights and rear fog lamp in one module. The design is reminiscent of the tail lamp of a modern-day Formula 1 racecar. Special panels to the left and right of the diffuser frame the four strikingly styled tailpipes and thus blend them perfectly with the rear profile. These STARTECH tailpipes are milled from a solid piece and as a stylistic special feature have a special contour on the inside.

The four tailpipes are designed to be combined with the production exhaust or the STARTECH sports exhaust system. The stainless-steel STARTECH exhaust is a visual treat and features an electronically controlled system of butterfly valves that allow the driver to control the exhaust note of the eight- or twelve-cylinder engine from the cockpit. At the push of a button, the sound can be set to a markedly subtle “coming home" mode or an especially powerful, thrilling note. The STARTECH sports exhaust is available for both Flying Spur variants with eight or twelve cylinders.

STARTECH will also offer professional performance upgrades for the V8 and W12 engines in the near future.

The STARTECH Monostar G 10Jx22 king-sized forged wheels deliver improved handling dynamics and at the same time offer a unique appearance. Five strikingly shaped double spokes extending all the way to the rim flange and an innovative finish characterize this design. It combines anthracite-colored paintwork that looks like titanium with polished surfaces, and bears a “FORGED" emblem. While the new high- tech wheels are striking, they impress above all with their lightweight construction and extremely high strength. They are 20 percent lighter than a comparable conventional wheel, which results in optimized handling and better ride quality thanks to reduced unsprung mass. High-performance tires of size 295/30 ZR 22 front and back perfectly fill out the wheel wells of the Bentley sedan.

A special focal point of the STARTECH product program lies in the exclusive refinement of the interior. The company upholstery shop trims the seats, door panels, dashboard and headliner with the finest leather and Alcantara in any color imaginable. The upholsterers also attach special importance to a perfect finish in every nook and cranny.

The refined Bentley Flying Spur on display at the IAA 2015 is a textbook example of high-quality interior design the STARTECH way: The interior designers selected an unusual combination of light brown and white leather complemented with meticulously placed light blue highlights. The upholstery design is just as unique as the choice of colors. Meticulously woven leather inserts on the seats, door panels and headliner as well as seams with an unusual design and stitched with pinpoint precision add amazing highlights.

The wood trim is also custom-made: The STARTECH finish carpenters created especially exclusive inlays from white cherry wood, which are a literally brilliant appearance thanks to several flawless coats of clear lacquer.

For Flying Spur owners looking to use their Bentley also as an office on wheels or want to enjoy entertainment with the highest picture and sound quality, STARTECH also offers tailor-made solutions with state- of-the-art communication via the Internet. To this end, STARTECH can stylishly integrate different Apple, Microsoft or Android computer systems into the interior.

September 2015 : STARTECH refines the Land Rover Discovery Sport

With its modern, dynamic design, the new Land Rover Discovery Sport was a market success from the very start. The exclusive customization program for the British SUV comes from STARTECH , a BRABUS Group company.
The German refinement specialist for the vehicles of the venerable English marque has developed attractive options for the new SUV that include sporty-elegant aerodynamic-enhancement components, tailor-made 22-inch wheels, a suspension lowering kit, powerful STARTECH PowerXtra SD22 performance tuning for the 2.2-liter turbodiesel engine and equally attractive and exclusive updates for the interior.

The STARTECH designers created an aerodynamic-enhancement program for the Discovery Sport that sets even more pronounced sporty and elegant highlights. It replaces the stylized front and rear off-road underride guards with components that lend the SUV more of an on-road look. The components are made from high-grade PUR-R-RIM plastics in OEM quality, ensuring a precise fit and an outstanding surface quality that makes painting easy.

The STARTECH front component replaces the lower section of the production bumper. LED daytime running lights integrated into this component play an important role in the enhanced active safety.

STARTECH offers a component that attaches to the rear bumper as a fitting complement to the appearance of the front. It lends the rear end of the Discovery Sport a more athletic touch. The rear bumper features integrated tailpipe trim with hallmark STARTECH design that is precisely adapted to the contours of the bumper and is combined with the production exhaust system.

A more exciting appearance naturally also includes a generously dimensioned tire/wheel combination. STARTECH equips the Discovery Sport with Monostar R wheels of size 9Jx22 front and back. This design features five stout double spokes and is normally available with a silver polished finish or black with polished surfaces. The STARTECH wheels on the IAA show car are painted all black. Tires of size 265/35 R 22 are mounted on the front and rear axle.

The STARTECH sports springs are calibrated specifically to being combined with sporty low-profile tires and the production shocks. They come in tailor-made versions for all Discovery Sport variants with front- wheel or all-wheel drive. They lower the ride height of the SUV by about 30 millimeters. The lowered center of gravity results in even more dynamic and safe handling.

Owners of the 2.2-liter turbodiesel model of the British lifestyle SUV wishing for enhanced dynamic handling and superiority find an efficient solution in the STARTECH PowerXtra SD22 performance kit. Without jeopardizing the safety reserves, this performance upgrade unleashes the true power slumbering in the 2.2-liter turbodiesel engine of the Discovery Sport. The processor-based STARTECH PowerXtra auxiliary control unit is designed as a plug-and-play device and can be installed by any authorized Land Rover dealer in less than 60 minutes.

STARTECH PowerXtra SD22 tuning bumps the rated output of the 2.2-liter turbodiesel from standard 140 kW / 190 HP to 155 kW / 210 HP at a low 3,500 rpm. At the same time, peak torque grows from standard 420 Nm to 460 Nm, available from a low 2,000 rpm. Vehicle performance is accordingly impressive: The STARTECH-tuned SUV sprints from zero – 100 km/h in just 8.9 seconds. The exhaust emissions are equally exemplary: Like the base vehicle, the tuned Land Rover complies with Euro VI emissions standards.

The turbodiesel with STARTECH power upgrade delivers excellent performance on the road and in terrain. Above all, it offers strong in-gear acceleration and favorable fuel economy figures that despite the higher output and torque remain on the level of the production car.

The STARTECH engine tuning is backed by the same comprehensive STARTECH Warranty of three years, up to 100,000 kilometers (see STARTECH Warranty Terms and Conditions, updated June 2013) as all other STARTECH refinement components.

STARTECH also lends the Discovery Sport an even more individual and exclusive interior ambiance with innovative ideas. They includes scuff plates with backlit STARTECH logo, high-quality velour floor mats and aluminum pedals and footrest.

The STARTECH upholstery shop fulfills more extensive refinement requests for the interior by transforming the finest leather and Alcantara into any desired upholstery design.

In addition, STARTECH also offers Land Rover owners the option to upgrade their car‘s interior with wood and carbon trim sets tailored to their personal preferences in every detail. There are virtually no limits to the possible color schemes and surface finishes.

April 2015 World premiere at the 2015 Auto Shanghai show : STARTECH Pickup based on the Range Rover

In front of the opera house, on the magnificent boulevards of this world or in off-road driving over hill and dale: a Range Rover always cuts a splendid figure! STARTECH , a BRABUS Group company, adds yet another talent as an exclusive transport specialist to the many virtues of the British all-wheel-drive car : the STARTECH Pickup based on the latest Range Rover celebrates its world premiere at the 2015 Auto Shanghai show.

The exclusive multi-purpose super car is powered by a five-liter eight-cylinder supercharged engine rated at 387 kW / 526 hp. It pushes the STARTECH Pickup from rest to 100 km/h in just 5.3 seconds. Top speed is limited electronically to 250 km/h. The refined transport specialist impresses with its versatility and superior performance. But what‘s more: the STARTECH REFINEMENT WIDEBODY bodywork conversion with a host of genuine carbon-fiber highlights allows installing 23-inch forged wheels. The interior, which was likewise given a new look in the company upholstery shop, sparkles with a mix of the finest leather, Alcantara and carbon-fiber elements precisely color-coordinated with the exterior.

The Range Rover is converted into one of the world‘s most exclusive pickups following the best coach building tradition that was once common for English luxury cars in particular. The STARTECH engineers and constructors employed state-of-the-art technology to develop the conversion from a five-door car to a classy transport specialist with pickup bed. This not only ensures lines that are visually integrated into the original vehicle design in an equally striking and harmonious fashion, but also that the body has the same torsional rigidity as the base car.

The elaborate nature of the STARTECH body conversion is demonstrated by the mere fact that the transformation from an off-roader to a pickup required designing and manufacturing no less than 100 bodywork components from aluminum, carbon fiber and steel.
The pickup offers five comfortable seats and is thus just as spacious as the original vehicle. The STARTECH sheet metal specialists integrated a new rear bulkhead with heated tinted rear window behind the individual seats in the back. The wall to the pickup bed is invisibly welded to the new shorter roof skin, which like on the production seems to be floating on air, and to the also newly developed C-pillars. Despite the shortened roof, the panoramic sunroof is fully retained.
The plastic-lined pickup bed is almost square and with the tailgate closed offers a loading length of 110 centimeters. When the tailgate is opened, either by remote control or by a push of a button in the cockpit, another 60 centimeters are available for carrying cargo. Consequently, the STARTECH Pickup offers plenty of space for golf or other recreational equipment. Especially customers from the Arab region like to use the pickup bed also for transporting a securely fastened cage that holds their falcons for the hunt.

In hallmark STARTECH fashion this pickup conversion also sports a host of detail solutions. For example, the carbon-fiber side trim that provides the transition from the C-pillars to the tailgate is more than just visual decoration: in conjunction with the STARTECH roof spoiler adapted specifically to the new shape of the roof they also reduce turbulence created by the relative wind at high speeds. This design feature also plays a role in the safe transport of the particular cargo. The billet aluminum elements in the tailgate likewise demonstrate a great love of detail: they too are not just decoration, but are also designed to help securely strap down the cargo.

The STARTECH bodywork conversion is executed to OEM quality standards and is independently safety-certified. The one-of-a-kind STARTECH warranty of three years, up to 100,000 kilometers (see STARTECH Warranty Terms and Conditions, updated June 2013) vouches for the outstanding quality of the conversion work.

Incidentally, the STARTECH Pickup concept goes beyond merely offering functional and visual advantages: in many countries of the world luxury cars such as the Range Rover are subject to high import duties and luxury taxes. The conversion to a pickup means that the STARTECH multi-utility vehicle meets the prerequisites to be registered as a commercial vehicle in many countries, which often eliminates these fees when the vehicle is imported. As a result, despite the elaborate conversion, the exclusive STARTECH Pickup may be cheaper for owners in such states than a production luxury SUV.

The all-wheel-drive car with pickup bed is visually even more extravagant in the STARTECH WIDEBODY version, which was designed for the current Range Rover with short or long wheelbase. All components of this aerodynamic-enhancement package are made in OEM quality from PUR-R-Rim to ensure a perfect fit. For adding markedly sporty highlights, the STARTECH REFINEMENT program offers a host of additional carbon-fiber elements, which in particular on the fire-engine red show car for the 2015 Auto Shanghai show perfectly complement the components of the pickup conversion manufactured from the same materials.

The face of the STARTECH Pickup is even more striking thanks to the front fender flares and the STARTECH WIDEBODY front bumper that replaces the production bumper in its entirety. This impression is further boosted by the integrated LED daytime running lights or LED side markers and the smallest LED front fog lamps currently available on the market. The integrated front spoiler and the side air deflectors reduce aerodynamic lift on the front axle at high speeds and consequently improve handling stability. More markedly sporty highlights are added by the radiator grille and clear-coated carbon-fiber trim on the hood.

The side view is dominated by the typical pickup lines at the rear and by the curved STARTECH front and rear fender flares, which are harmoniously tied together by door components that extend all the way to the rocker panels. Carbon-fiber trim for the stylized gills on the front doors and the side mirrors as well as carbon-fiber inserts for the door trim and the stylized rear air intakes lend the four-door car a touch of motor racing flair.

To match the powerful appearance of the STARTECH Pickup, the 80-mm wider fenders offer room for the largest and moreover technologically outstanding STARTECH wheels: as a contrast to the red paintwork, the STARTECH Monostar S forged wheels of size 11Jx23 were painted black. These wheels feature an unusual design with dimensionally offset cross-spokes that extend all the way to the outer edge of the wheel flange and are fitted with high-performance tires of size 305/30 R 23. The high-tech forging technology used for the production of these wheels is just as special and sophisticated. It achieves extremely high strength despite the enormous weight savings over a cast wheel of identical size.

The STARTECH suspension module for the standard air suspension allows lowering the ride height of the pickup by 30 millimeters at the push of a button in the cockpit when driving on paved roads. This makes the all-wheel-drive car even sportier and safer to drive. For comfortable ingress and egress or for operating in terrain, the ride height of the vehicle can be set to the production level.

The rear end of the vehicle is redefined visually not only by the conversion to a pickup bed: the standard bumper is replaced in its entirety with a complete STARTECH rear bumper. The diffuser is made from clear-coated carbon fiber to match the bodywork concept. This aerodynamic-enhancement component accommodates the dual tailpipes of the STARTECH high-performance exhaust system with hallmark STARTECH styling. The exhaust system features active electronic control of the V8‘s exhaust note from the cockpit ranging from decidedly sporty to subtle. What‘s more: the sophisticated exhaust-gas routing achieves an additional increase in power output by 12 kW / 16 hp.

The interior of the pickup too was elaborately refined the STARTECH way: dashboard, seats and door panels were covered with fine and especially breathable black leather in the STARTECH upholstery shop. Red stitching precisely color-coordinated with the exterior and diamond-shaped quilting of various parts give it an especially exclusive design. The headliner is made from black Alcantara. Carbon-fiber applications with the same surface structure as the aerodynamic-enhancement components continue the bodywork design in the interior.
It goes without saying that the STARTECH Pickup is also offered with all other available Range Rover engines and in any color or interior variant.

Februari 2015 World premiere at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show : Even more dynamics for the athlete : STARTECH REFINEMENT enhances the Jaguar F-Type

The F-Type elevates the long tradition of sporty Jaguar models to a new level. The STARTECH REFINEMENT accessories program for the two-seater celebrates its world premiere at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The engineers and designers of STARTECH , a BRABUS Group company, have developed sporty- elegant carbon-fiber aerodynamic-enhancement components for the bodywork, tailor-made 21-inch wheels and attractive interior options. The STARTECH REFINEMENT components and conversions are available for all coupe and roadster models of the Jaguar F-Type series.

Adding even more sporty emphasis to the dynamic lines of the two-seater with innovative bodywork components was a challenge the STARTECH designers mastered beautifully. All STARTECH aerodynamic-enhancement components for the F-Type are manufactured from clear-coated carbon fiber. To make them not only ultralight, but also give them high strength, they are manufactured in an autoclave using the complex prepreg process, the same process used in motor racing and aerospace engineering. Ten layers of clear coat lend the STARTECH components a fascinating 3D appearance.

The STARTECH REFINEMENT front component for the F-Type was designed to replace the lower section of the production bumper in its entirety. It drops lower and forms an even more pronounced spoiler lip. What‘s more: on the sides the aerodynamic-enhancement component trails off into raised spoiler flaps, which not only give the sports car a generous helping of racing looks, but also further reduce lift on the front axle at high speeds. The face of the Jaguar receives some added sporty emphasis with the STARTECH hood scoops and the fairings for the side mirrors.But the mirror fairings are not the only things that upgrade the sides of the F-Type. The STARTECH designers have developed tailor-made and markedly sportily styled designer fenders made from carbon fiber that replace their production counterparts. A vertical clear-coated carbon-fiber blade behind the wheel well suggests an air outlet. The Union Jack flag and the STARTECH REFINEMENT logo, both also integrated into the fenders, document the origin of the refined sports car.

The STARTECH designers also developed special inserts made from clear-coated carbon fiber for the production rocker panels. They are also shaped like raised side flaps and consequently lend the two-door car an even more aggressive side profile.
The standard rear bumper insert of the Jaguar is replaced with the STARTECH carbon-fiber diffusor. The aerodynamic-enhancement component impresses with its sophisticated air deflection and visible carbon-fiber structure. In addition, the STARTECH REFINEMENT component, which attaches to the same mounting points as the production part, features four integrated exhaust tips that connect to the production exhaust, and a central LED rear fog lamp in the style of Formula One race cars.

The exclusive appearance is further characterized by STARTECH Monostar S forged wheels, which come in tailor-made versions for the various F-Type models. The one-piece high-tech wheels stand out from the crowd on account of the concave shape of their center section, which has a particularly strong visual effect in the case of the extremely wide rear-axle wheels. The same is true for the choice of wheel sizes, which were designed specifically for the new Jaguar sports car. The front wheel wells are filled out by wheels of size 9Jx21 mounted with tires of size 255/30 ZR 21. At the rear, tires of size 305/25 ZR 21 mounted on 10.5-inch wheels endeavor to provide maximum traction.

A particular STARTECH REFINEMENT specialty is the creation of exclusive interiors, which are crafted in the company upholstery shop with great love of detail. As a contrast to the show car‘s white outer skin and the clear-coated carbon-fiber elements the cockpit captivates with the extraordinary combination of brown and red leather, and an extravagant upholstery design. The hallmark STARTECH diamond stitching adorns not only the seat surfaces and door panels, but also the entirely leather-trimmed vehicle floor and headliner of the coupe. A subtle yet striking detail of the leather application is the continuous piping surround.

The F-Type center console was refined by the STARTECH interior designers with a mirror-polished piano wood inlay. Other types of precious-wood and genuine carbon-fiber inlays with a variety of structures and colors are available alternatively.
Further exclusive ideas for the interior are the scuff plates with backlit STARTECH logo and the high-quality floor mats with color-coordinated leather edging.

Juli 2014 Wider, more dynamic and exclusive : The STARTECH WIDEBODY version for the Range Rover Sport

Wider, more dynamic and exclusive: these three attributes perfectly describe the STARTECH WIDEBODY designer outfit for the new Range Rover Sport. STARTECH , a BRABUS Group company, completes the thrilling widebody version with 23-inch ceramics-coated forged wheels and sporty carbon-fiber elements. The STARTECH REFINEMENT program for the British SUV also comprises sporty carbon-fiber applications for the body, a ride-height lowering and the STARTECH SD30 S performance kit for the 3.0-liter LR-TDV6 turbodiesel engine. Individual requests for cabin refinement are fulfilled by STARTECH with luxurious interiors crafted from fine leather and Alcantara, rounded off with tailor-made wood and carbon-fiber applications. The high quality of all STARTECH REFINEMENT components, all safety-approved, is demonstrated by the one-of-a- kind three-year STARTECH Warranty for up to 100,000 kilometers.

The new STARTECH WIDEBODY version adds 60 millimeters to the width of the new Range Rover Sport, making it even more striking. To this end, the designers from the refinement specialist have developed curved fender flares that increase the available space in the wheel arches to make room for forged STARTECH Monostar S 11Jx23 wheels and 305/30 R 23 high-performance tires. These king-sized wheels are a perfect example for the many high-tech developments from the STARTECH engineers: Thanks to cutting-edge forging technology this cross-spoke design saves some 15 percent in weight compared with a conventional cast wheel. Another innovative feature of this wheel is the novel “burned bronze" ceramic coating. This high-tech coating is particularly resistant to thermal stress and provides protection against the heat radiating from brakes and tires. But there‘s more: its extremely smooth surface repels unsightly deposits of brake dust and road grime much better than conventional paint and thus keeps the wheels cleaner. And despite their lightweight design, the STARTECH forged wheels offer extremely high strength. As an alternative to the 23-inch wheels, STARTECH also offers a number of 21-inch and 22-inch tire/wheel combinations for the Range Rover Sport.

The STARTECH designers also implemented innovative ideas in the development of the front and rear components that replace the production bumpers in their entirety. The components at the front and rear, manufactured in OEM quality from flexible PUR-R-Rim plastics, were designed to fit with or without the fender flares. The STARTECH front bumper compels with its distinctive styling that features a seemingly free-floating center section, large air scoops and integrated daytime running lights. In addition, the sophisticated shape contributes to a further reduction in negative lift on the front axle at high speeds. The design of the rear bumper gives customers the option to order an especially sporty version of the central diffuser with a clear-coated carbon-fiber finish. Two vertically arranged tailpipes in hallmark STARTECH design exit on either side of the diffuser. They can be combined with the production exhaust system or with the STARTECH stainless-steel sport exhaust with electronically controlled exhaust flaps. This sound management allows the driver to switch the exhaust note between decidedly discreet and thrillingly sporty from the cockpit at the push of a button. The rear end of the new Range Rover Sport, with or without WIDEBODY version, can receive an even more dynamic appearance with the three-piece STARTECH roof spoiler. The spoiler profile can be painted in vehicle or contrasting color. A version made of clear- coated carbon-fiber is also available as an option. This composite material from motorsports is also used for other sporty body upgrades. The STARTECH REFINEMENT carbon-fiber program for the Range Rover Sport comprises the radiator grille, exterior mirror housings, side air vents in the front fenders, the liftgate trim strip and the surrounds of the hood vents.

The STARTECH suspension module for the standard air suspension provides more agile handling and further enhanced safety reserves. It lowers the ride height of the Range Rover Sport by 25 millimeters when traveling on roads. For getting in and out of the vehicle as well as for off-road operations the vehicle‘s ride height remains at the production level.

STARTECH REFINEMENT also means more driving fun through more power. STARTECH offers the SD 30 S performance kit for the Range Rover Sport powered by the 3.0-liter LR-TDV6 twin-turbo diesel engine. The STARTECH module controls the engine with new mapping and is designed as a plug-and-play device that can be installed by any specialist workshop in less than an hour. After the installation the driver commands a powerful 238 kW / 323 horsepower at a low 4,000 rpm, up from the standard 215 kW / 292 horsepower. At the same time peak torque increases from standard 600 Nm to 680 Nm, on tap already at a low 2,000 rpm. The performance-tuned turbodiesel engine is the perfect complement to the eight-speed automatic transmission and shortens the sprint time for 0 – 100 km/h from standard 7.2 to 6.9 seconds. The cockpit of a Range Rover Sport customized by STARTECH represents the epitome of individuality.

The STARTECH REFINEMENT upholstery shop crafts exclusive all-leather interiors to customer specifications in any desired color, and of course also in combination with supple Alcantara. To emphasize the sporty aspirations of the British SUV, the STARTECH interior designers have developed a tailor-made genuine carbon-fiber trim set, which replaces the production paneling on the dashboard and center console. The trim set is available in virtually any color. The STARTECH REFINEMENT program also includes exclusive wood trim sets in various colors and with a variety of surface finishes.

November 2013 : Premiere in Essen ; het STARTECH programma voor de nieuwe Range Rover Sport.

Tijdens de MotorShow Essen ( van 30/11 t/m 8/12 a.s.) presenteert STARTECH in hal 11 op stand E120 het eerste prototype van de nieuwe Range Rover Sport uitgerust met eeen STARTECH voorbumper , achterbumper en spoiler. Uiteraard is ook het interieur op de nodige punten gewijzigd. Naar verwachting zijn de eerste producten voor de nieuwe Range Rover Sport vanaf maart 2014 leverbaar.

September 2013 : Premiere in Frankfurt ; de STARTECH wide body kit voor de nieuwe Range Rover.

The white 2013 Range Rover you see in picture above shows the widebody version of our body kit. It features a completely reworked front end incorporating a new front bumper, front grille and LED daytime running lights. The widebody kit also makes the already wide SUV 44 millimeters wider.This is done using flared addons to the arches, but also side skirts and lower door inserts. Startech's Range Rover wouldn't be complete without a set of Startech Monostar S wheels measuring 11×23, wrapped in 305/30 R 23 tires. Startech developed the SD 30S performance upgrade for the new 3.0-liter LR-TDV6 fitted to the car. It boosts power from 258 hp to 300 hp, thus dropping acceleration times from 7.9 seconds to 7.3 seconds.

Maart 2013 : Premiere in Geneve : het STARTECH accessoire programma voor de nieuwe Range Rover

In Geneve heeft STARTECH het accessoire programma voor de nieuwe Range Rover voorgesteld. Zodra meer informatie bekend is zullen wij dit op onze site publiceren.

November 2012 : STARTECH PowerXtra performance kits met 3 jaar garantie.

Nieuw in het STARTECH programma zijn de eenvoudig te monteren PowerXtra performance modules. Deze performance modules zorgen voor een verantwoorde stijging van het vermogen en , nog belangrijker , het koppel van uw Land Rover / Range Rover SD4 of SDV6 3,0. De STARTECH PowerXtra modules kunnen met behulp van de bijgeleverde adapterkabel snel en zonder aanpassingen in de auto gemonteerd worden. De modules communiceren via de canbus met de originele ECU en hierdoor worden alle belangrijke motor-parameters bewaakt ; bij de geringste afwijking schakelt de module zichzelf uit zodat er geen overbelasting van uw motor en/of aandrijving kan optreden.

Tevens zijn de STARTECH PowerXtra modules uitvoerig op de testbank en in de praktijk getest. Mede om deze reden verleent STARTECH 3 jaar volledige garantie op motor en aandrijving van uw Land Rover / Range Rover (vanaf de dag van eerste toelating van de auto met een maximum van 100.000km). De complete garantievoorwaarden sturen wij u op aanvraag gaarne toe.

Klik hier om een brochure omtrent de STARTECH PowerXtra performance kits te downloaden.

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